Google AdWords/AdSense

If you’re not advertising your small business on Google yet, then I have a question for you: Where are you advertising, and why? Google (could you imagine and greatest innovations list without them?) single-handedly made advertising across the town, state, country, and the world simple, affordable, and effective for companies of any size, especially the small ones.

With the roll out of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) years ago, Google indefinitely sealed itself as the elite advertisement platform of this century. The reason is because of its genius efficiency: businesses will only pay for an ad when its been clicked on; converting those visitors into customers is up to the business. Prices are based on bids tied to keywords in other words, you choose what keywords you want to pay for, and you choose how much you want to pay for them. Google’s algorithm will place your ads into search queries that contain your keyword, assuming your bid is sufficient.

In case you’re wondering what the big deal is, consider that in just 10 short years Google has shook up and turned an entire industry on its head with their powerful, disruptive ad model. With Google, small businesses that open can go global tomorrow, and do it at a fraction of the cost that kind of growth once required.

Online Video

Just a few years ago, a kid named Justin Beiber was probably playing kickball on an elementary schoolyard and avoiding icky girls with cooties. With the explosion in popularity of user-content generated video destination YouTube, the third most popular Website in the world, Justin put out a hit teeny-bopper record and to date his music video has clocked well over 374 million views. Just behind his video of most watched YouTube uploads is a home video of a toddler getting his finger bitten by his baby brother. That video has garnered over 245 million views.

Couple a sharp decrease in simple handheld video camera prices with the world’s most popular video sharing Website and what you’ve got is an opportunity to advertise your business using a new medium anyone with an internet connection can appreciate. Creating online videos about your company, website, industry, products, or services is easier (and more valuable) than ever before. The hook for small business owners is that you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to do it, either.

The future of Internet video is already here. This month, Google began running ads on cable networks across the country for Google TV, the software built into some select LG and Sharp flat screen TV models that have already hit the shelves, allowing users to surf and download from the Internet and use their favorite Apps. The mesh between cable television and the Internet was inevitable, and so too will the changes in the way small businesses think of internet video advertising.

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