How Do I Activate ADSense On My Blog?

Steps to activate:

  • Within Blogger, in the menu on the left click on the menu option for income and make the application to join the program.
  • Also with your Google user you can connect to and buy adsense account. Make the request filling in the data requested, exactly the same as in Blogger.
  • Once you have filled out the application forms, it will take some time for you to activate the service (it may take several days). From there you can configure your ADSense account.

How Should I Place The Ads On My Blog?

In general, it reviews program policies well because they can vary over time:

  • “You can post up to three AdSense ad units for standard content (remember you can only post one of 300×600), three link blocks and two AdSense for search boxes on each page of your site” as detailed in the Blog Of ADSense .
  • Remember that if you place an excess of ads, you will cause your users to flee the site, the number of ads is not proportional to the amount of income that is obtained by them. If you exceed the amount allowed in the policies, Google will cancel on contract with you.
  • As stated in the policies section, a placement of ads that seek to achieve “invalid clicks,” such as putting the ad without appreciating that it is advertising, place the ad close to an area where the user needs to click to Access data or similar, will make that if you are in the process of acceptance to join the program, automatically do not even start it. Be scrupulous with the placement of ads on your pages to avoid incurring errors that prevent you from being able to use e service.

Planning The Placement Of Ads

First detect the areas of your blog where you will place your ads. You should consider:

  • That the area where you place it complies with the policies of the program.
  • The types of ads that might “fit” into the area where you’ve chosen to place them. For example, a Banner-shaped ad “fits” into the header or footer, but one with a “square” format will fit better into menu sections.
  • My recommendation is that you draw a sketch where you plan roughly where you will place the ads on your website.
  • You will not be able to choose sizes, ADSense and the Internet advertising industry in general, you already have a catalog of ad types that measure in pixels the width and predefined height they will have. You can NOT modify the size assigned by ADSense in any way, so think closely in the sketch where they are going to be and when you choose them in the creation section, select those that best fit the sketch according to its size and shape.
  • You will have two large types of ads, static image ads and Rich Media text (the most colorful ones) and text-only ads (simpler ones). Once you have the sketch of the one we talked about, you should check the length in pixels associated with the format of each type of ad. This will help you to know which one is suitable to fit the area of ​​the sketch you had prepared.

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